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I’m working with a client who is the first to admit that she isn’t the most organized person and part of my job is to upload audios and corresponding transcripts to a membership site. Sounds like an easy-peasy job, right?

Well, it certainly could be easier if the audios and transcripts all had the same name, or at least the same information in the titles. Instead of having Audio-1 along with Transcript-1, I’ve got files labeled as Audio-5 and Transcript-3-31-2011.

For a client, it certainly stands to reason that they would make labels such as Audio Call #5 because they are so familiar with their product they can remember when the call took place and probably what details were discussed in that call. But if the Transcript name doesn’t have “Call 5” in the title somewhere, it takes a bit of detective work trying to figure out where that transcript goes.

Likewise, the audio calls should have the date somewhere in the title, not only to make it easier for me when uploading but also easier for their members who will most likely know what DATE they missed rather than the call number.

I’m even making the membership site archives consistent with the Call Number and Date listed in the title.

And even though I work quickly, these are extra hours of research that wouldn’t be necessary if there was a filing system in place to begin with.

So my solution going forward is to have corresponding names for both the audios and the transcripts. We’re going with Product Name – Date – Topic and so far so good with the implementation. I let both the client and the transcriptionist know the plan and it makes perfect sense to us.

What problems have you solved this week?