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I’m really bad at setting goals, which isn’t good when everyone is touting the goodness of setting business goals at the start of every new year. I’ve even ghostwritten a few articles on this topic and while the information makes sense, I’m just bad at it.

Or, in typical mom fashion, I pay attention to my clients’ goals more than my own.

I suppose I’m just not a “big picture” thinker. There’s no time for me to be overwhelmed with massive goals so I either think about my goals in a very broad sense (such as “being successful” or “getting out of debt”) or I need to break them down into baby steps.

It’s all about what works for us as individuals, right?

So I set a monetary goal for January. I figured I needed to work a minimum number of hours each day for my VA clients (which was very doable with my family’s schedule) and even rejoiced when I signed up a couple of new retainer clients. But I fell short of my goal by $315.

Sure, I’m disappointed because this year I plan on using “my” money to pay off our credit card debt. However, there’s always a silver lining, which was exceeding a past goal by $200. So maybe my baby steps have to be shrunken down to micro baby steps for February.

So my February earnings goal is the same but will be trickier to reach since there are only 28 days to work with. Here’s to hoping I can greatly improve my time management skills this month.

How do you track your success? As Virtual Assistants it’s all too easy to focus on clients instead of our own businesses. I’d love to hear your suggestions for setting your individual goals and staying focused to reach those goals.