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One of my new favorite types of client projects is to create marketing videos using either stock photo images or customized PowerPoint slides. Add some background music or a voice over and you have a short but sweet video clip showcasing your business products or services.

But recently a client asked me this question:

My audio clip is only 30 seconds long…why does it cost $67 to make a 30-second marketing video?

Marketing Videos for Small BusinessesI never balk when clients ask questions about my pricing because very few of my clients realize just what kind of time is involved in doing this type of work. It’s one of those catch-22 situations…they don’t want to pay per hour because it can add up very quickly but they might question the steps involved if the project price seems too high.

Let me first say that this particular client provided me with her audio clip, which included music and voiceover. I don’t know what she paid for this but it cut down on MY cost because this is a huge piece of the project – even at 30-seconds long.

Each frame of her video was a stock photo, so I didn’t have to design any PowerPoint slides or add any text other than her website URL.

Steps for Making Short Marketing Videos

1. Search for stock photos. For a 30-second spot, you’ll need at minimum 6 photos or even up to 10 to keep the viewer interested in the message. Depending on the keywords used in the script and the subject of the video, a stock photo search will take at minimum 1 hour to complete.

And each stock photo costs money to purchase, so depending on which stock photo site you use, the photo price can run from $10 – $25.

2. Editing photos with music and voiceover. I use Camtasia and it’s fairly simple to upload the photos and edit them together with the audio. But there’s a certain amount of practice or technique necessary to match up the photos just right. And if you want a transition between each photo – such as a fade – that’s some extra time.

Included in my pricing is providing an Mp4 video file uploaded either to our Dropbox folder or to their Amazon S3 hosting account.

Ways Your Video Costs Can Increase

If you have a longer video, such as 1-, 2-, or 3-minutes, the price will naturally increase because you’ll need many more photos, which take more time to search for and more money to purchase.

Longer videos work well with customized PowerPoint slides but then you’re paying for design time and copywriting, plus some stock photo charges.

If the client doesn’t have a script, voice over, or stock music, that’s additional time for the research, writing, music search and voice over talent.

Videos are HOT right now because they get ranked so quickly in the search engines so many marketers are submitting their marketing videos to multiple video storage sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Revver. Each of these sites have their own Terms of Service about promotional or marketing videos but if you want the video submitted to multiple sites, this takes time so your cost will increase.

How Your Marketing Videos Pay Off

As with anything you outsource, you should have an idea of how to use this marketing video in your overall business plan. Submitting to multiple video sites will likely give you organic search engine results for years. Sharing it on Facebook and other social media sites will expand your reach.

Ultimately, your one-time investment will increase traffic to your site where you then have the opportunity to close the sale. You can even let the video sit on YouTube for 6 months (or longer!) and then use it as a promotion to drive even more traffic to your site.

Should you only invest in one video? Probably not but you can produce a video whenever your budget permits and use it for a long time.

Do you have a question about marketing videos or video production? Leave a comment below and I’ll be back to answer them 🙂