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hiring a writerWhen you need content to fill your website, or an article to market your business, you may find the best way to get what you need is to hire a freelance writer. Let’s face it… not everyone is a writer. Sometimes it’s worth the minimal cost to find one who can take your instructions and rough ideas and turn them into a solid piece of content you can use just as if you’d written it yourself.

Before you start looking for a writer, jot down what you consider the most important benefit a writer can give you. Include any personal or professional characteristics, the services you need, or anything else related to finding a writer you can work with. Do you need a low rate? Prefer someone local? Want a fast turnaround time? Looking for a writer with experience? Whatever it is, decide in advance what you want from a writer and write it down to refer to later.

After you have your list of characteristics and details you’re looking for, do an online search for “freelance writer” (quotes included). For the best results, include the characteristics you listed such as low rates or your city. For instance, to find a local freelance writer in Knoxville, TN, you would search “freelance writer” +”Knoxville TN.” Be sure you use the quotation marks and the plus sign since these operators will help you get more targeted results much faster.

Search through the results until you find one that looks promising. That may take awhile. For the above search, there were nearly 86,000 results at the time of this writing. As you begin to visit the results pages, browse the site to see if they mention the traits you want. If a writer has low rates, for example, she will usually list it on her website.

Find and read samples of the writer’s work. If there are no samples posted, you may want to move on. They could either be inexperienced or not aware of how important visual representation is on the Internet. Also read any client testimonials the writer may have posted or look over past clients’ work. Take your time and get a feel for who this writer is, what kind of services he offers, and if he’s someone you might want to do business with.

Contact them if so and hire an article on spec, or on a trial basis. At this point there is no need to commit to a writer long term. You just want to decide if they truly are the writer you want to hire. Treat them professionally, courteously, and politely. A freelance writer is a business person. Ensure your dealings with the one you hire is professional and courteous.

While you can, of course, hire a writer through bid sites like Freelancer and Guru, you’ll typically have much better results hiring a writer directly through his or her website. Either way you choose to go, communicate clearly with the writer you hire to be sure you get the work you want, when you want it. Understand the costs up front as well as the turnaround time. Knowing these details in advance can help you have a pleasant experience while finding the resource you need to build your business online with one of the greatest marketing tactics you can use—writing.