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Reader submitted questionRecently, I received this question from a reader… What is the recommended number of keywords per page? It’s a good question. Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer.

Keyword Tips to Remember

Google doesn’t address the question of how many keywords to use on a page. What they do say is that “keyword stuffing,” which refers to the practice of filling a page with keywords in an effort to manipulate search engine results, is a big no-no. A page stuffed with keywords creates a negative user experience, according to Google, and in turn, can actually harm your site’s search engine ranking rather than help it.

Another issue with keywords that Google frowns upon is simply the “misuse” of them. This can involve anything from creating long lists of unrelated words, posting keywords in the same color text as the background so they don’t show up to the naked eye but the search bots find them, repeating a keyword over and over to where the content doesn’t even make sense, or using a keyword that doesn’t fit the site just to get a page ranked higher in search results. Any of these “black hat” webmaster tactics can get a site penalized and potentially banned by the search engine.

Proper Usage of Keywords

Learning to use keywords properly according to Google’s guidelines is crucial to your search engine results. But if there is no clear direction as to the recommended number of keywords per page, how do you decide what’s best? Well, according to the search giant, you must focus on creating helpful content filled with good information that uses appropriate keywords in context.

This means you must write naturally using appropriate keywords and keyword phrases that apply to your business, products and services; write content that offers solid information and that your visitors will want to read; and do so without forcing keywords into the mix just to have them there.

Keyword Research Tool

Google’s Keyword Analysis tool can help you determine what the best keywords and phrases are for your site. You simply enter a word that applies to the content of your site and the results return a list of potential keywords that might apply for you. Using this tool can help you tightly focus your content and be sure you’re using all the possible combinations of keywords without overstuffing or misusing them.

If you research your keywords, write your pages naturally with a focus on using the keywords that apply to your site, and create solid content that’s helpful and informative, wondering about the recommended number of keywords per page won’t be an issue. You’ll be creating quality web pages that won’t turn off an intelligent visitor and you’ll be pleasing the search engines at the same time. It doesn’t get any better than that.