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All the experts tell us that consistent blogging will bring traffic to our sites, which will hopefully convert into paying customers or clients. That certainly makes sense and as part of my virtual assistant job, I have multiple clients for whom I schedule regular content on their sites.

The theory isn’t a theory…it’s a strategy that just plain works.

But I haven’t been following that strategy myself…I haven’t been ‘walking the walk’ …I’ve been stuck in the old ‘do as I say, not as I do’ cycle and I’m ready to break free.

My Personal Blogging Challenge

Normally when I get an idea I overthink it, list all the reasons why it won’t work, and then wonder 3 months later why I never followed through on my idea.

Or, worse yet, I see SOMEONE ELSE implementing the very SAME idea that I had!

Can you relate to this vicious cycle?

Today I’m changing that, however, and I’ve given myself a blogging challenge for the month of July.

The challenge is simple (or so it seems now, without me overthinking it)…I’ll write one post per day for all 31 days in July. Of course, I’m already late by one day but that’s the joy of the scheduling feature in WordPress. As quickly as I can compose blog posts, I can just as easily schedule them to post well into the future.

Personal Blogging Case Study

As I’m always reminded by a few of my favorite gurus, tracking and measuring results is vitally important, whether you’re talking about traffic to your business website, number of clicks in an advertising campaign or which subject line works best in your email messages. So I’m getting real honest here and posting some stats (as pitiful as they may be)…

Page Rank: 2/10 (is page rank the least bit important anymore? Fodder for another blog post!)
Google Analytics: 245 unique visitors in June 2013 vs my webhost analytics of 1908 unique visitors (I like the web host numbers better!)
Alexa Traffic Rank = 2,797,276

So, there you have it. Are there other metrics I should be watching? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

I’d love for you to follow along with your own blog challenge. Don’t worry about not being a good writer! That’s a common misconception and it’s what puts people in a permanent freeze pattern.

Write your blog posts as if you’re talking to your best friend. Please double check your grammar and spelling but don’t get hung up on if it sounds proper or formal or expert-like. Your audience will be drawn to you because of YOUR personality so let that shine through in your writing.

Here’s another blog post I wrote about getting started writing.