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As if getting email spam messages wasn’t enough, now we have to combat spam on YouTube. Once again I say, “If only spammers would use their actions for good, it would be a whole new world.”

I created my YouTube Channel in 2009 to showcase my guest caller stint on The Dave Ramsey show.

And as you can see, I really didn’t post much more because I didn’t put social media or YouTube high on my priority list then.

However, I’m giving YouTube a lot more thought these days because, after all, if I’m going to work on videos for my clients, I may as well jump in and make my own marketing videos, right?

But one problem I’ve noticed, thanks to my Dave Ramsey video, is the rampant spam on YouTube that comes with posting videos. I did the right thing by using keywords in my title but I didn’t think about what kind of viewers those keywords would bring me. “Making money from home” has a lot of competition but it accurately described what my interview as about. And when I posted that video, I naively thought I’d be reaching other moms looking for a way to work from home.

Preventing Spam on YouTube Comments

The types of comments I get on YouTube are usually spammers, looking to increase their pocketbooks at the expense of unsuspecting suckers. They normally leave a product name, telling me to Google it for more info. Honestly, these may be legitimate but who’s got the time to search this out? Hopefully if anyone followed those links from my site did their research and due diligence.

Surprisingly, YouTube doesn’t really have an automatic way to weed out spam comments like these. There aren’t any plugins like you find for WordPress, no settings to prevent URLs from being included in the comment.

Instead, the only way to combat the problem of spam on YouTube is to manually delete the comments and/or block the commenter. Really? With all the technology available (and with me wanting to set everything on automatic) I can only do this manually?

So that’s where I’m at. I have posted many times that I do not endorse any of the product names left in comments and I can only hope people are smart enough not to fall for any of those links or promises.

If you have a YouTube channel, leave the link below in the comment section and I’ll check it out. I’d love to have more subscribers so feel free to visit mine and watch my Dave Ramsey interview. And please leave a REAL comment there!